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Specimen of Perfection in Leather Apparel Accessories

Collection of Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags

The art of the professional commute: Experience refined luxury with our exquisite laptop bags.

Collection of Wallets


Explore Men’s Wallets, a World of Sophistication, Style, and Elegance, a reflection of the best craftmanship in the industry.

Collection of Belts


Unleash your inner icon: Discover the legacy woven into every stitch of our belts.

Collection of Bags


Beyond function, a statement: Make a powerful entrance with our handcrafted leather bags.

Founder’s Message

We started with humble beginnings in the early 90s that blossomed into a vision for exquisite leather accessories, our brand has transcended borders, resonating with a discerning audience across the GCC, Asia, and Africa. With manufacturing heart in India and global corporate headquarters in Dubai, our growth over the past decade has been nothing short of phenomenal. But this is just the beginning.

We envision our the future chapters – where our laptop bag speaks of timeless elegance, a businessman seals a deal with the quiet assurance of our well-crafted belt. Our accessories become more than fashion; they morph into companions on life’s journeys, silent witnesses to triumphs and shared moments.

Our vision extends beyond immediate success. Sustainable practices and eco-conscious materials beckon, aligning perfectly with the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality. Ethical sourcing becomes a cornerstone, ensuring a legacy built on responsibility. Our brand aspires to become synonymous not only with luxury, but with purpose.

Imagine future generations inheriting a worn wallet or a meticulously preserved briefcase – heirlooms whispering tales of their predecessors, imbued with the same timeless quality instilled from the very beginning.

Mohammed Sajid Damda,
Managing Director and Co-founder
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